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Oov Education

OoV Education aspires to be a conduit and bridge between all disciplines of movement, bodywork, health, wellness, healing, and performance. This collaboration is committed to absorbing emerging research and studies into our courses providing a continuous evolution within our education and experiences with the Oov appliance.

The Oov appliance is constructed of durable foam and is shaped to complement the natural curvature of the spine. It works by extending the spine and working a range of muscles not normally used on a daily basis, helping improve stability and endurance.

Oov Appliance

About The OOV
The OOV is a revolutionary device that is ergonomically designed to complement the three curves of the spine and to mimic natural movement. The OOV was developed by Australian Osteopath and Neuroscientist Daniel Vladeta who saw the need for a self correcting device that would embed motor learning. The OOV is an unstable, proprioceptive, bio-feedback tool that re-patterns and enhances efficient movement.

Incorporating traditional Pilates exercises applied to the OOV and balance training, the course teaches you to assess correctly, identify where instability and restriction exist in the body, how to develop strategies to promote improved motor control, strength, endurance, proper alignment, and increases in dynamic stability through the 3D activation of myofascial slings.

Oov Appliance

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