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Pilates for Rehabilitation

At Purely Pilates we believe that Pilates is not just a physical process; it is a mind-body-soul conditioning. It is not just simply exercising on the chosen apparatus; it is a holistic approach to optimize functional movement. It is versatile for all body types, while offering a solution to each client's specific needs. It provides mobility and fitness from the 93-year old with total joint replacement to the professional athlete with an ACL reconstruction. Whether you are working your way back to function and fitness or recovering from an injury. Pilates can help you restore and return to normal function.

Pilates exercises used in rehabilitation are simple; strengthen the deepest muscles of the core, optimize alignment, and create correct movement patters. While preventing reaggravation of those injuries and the development of new ones.

Pilates Rehab benefits:

  1. Strengthen the core muscles
  2. Emphasize both stability and mobility
  3. Chosen exercises are functional
  4. Incorporating mind-body form of conditioning
  5. Provide a safe environment with the Pilates apparatus
  6. Adaptable for all populations
  7. Emphasize both eccentrically and concentrically movement contractions.

Pilates Rehab interest:

  1. Low Back Pain
  2. Forward Head Posture (cervical spine and shoulder)
  3. Rotator Cuff
  4. Total Hip Arthoplasty
  5. Partial Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears

We believe in incorporating the repertoire of Pilates exercises or design an appropriate exercise protocol to either support or create additional challenge to the needs of each client.

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